During my employment in Music Administration, I rediscovered my interest in finding solutions to problems. It wasn't long before I decided to pursue an education in web development. Shortly thereafter, I graduated as a Full-Stack Web Developer from General Assembly's Web Development Immersive program.

Since then I have refined my front-end skills working with client-side libraries and frameworks like React, Redux, Vue, Angular (see below) as well as with vanilla Javascript. I have implemented responsive design building apps that use relational and NoSQL databases, as well as web services by writing clean, maintainable, composable code that is easily adaptable to changing requirements.



General Assembly

San Francisco, CA

Certificate - Web Development

Field of study

  • Javascript
  • HTML / CSS
  • Node / Express
  • RESTful APIs
  • Data Structures
  • MVC Frameworks
  • Relational / NoSQL Databases

University of Redlands

Redlands, CA

Bachelor of Music - Composition

Field of study

  • Music Composition
  • Music Theory
  • Music History
  • Orchestration
  • Theater
  • French



Built with

  • React
  • Redux
  • Redux-Thunk
  • Redux-Form
  • Passport
  • OAuth
  • Stripe
  • SendGrid

A personal (full-stack) project to dive into the React/ Redux ecosystem, built with RESTful web services.


Built with

  • React
  • React-Router
  • Node
  • CSS

Site built for a local company in the Napa Valley just north of San Francisco.


Built with

  • React
  • Redux
  • Firebase
  • Axios
  • Node
  • Webpack

A personal (full-stack) project to dive into the React/ Redux ecosystem, built with RESTful web services.


Built with

  • Angular 5
  • Node
  • Express
  • Mongo
  • Mongoose
  • Bootstrap

A site for a local woodworker built with the MEAN stack.



Sushma - Konversai

James is an incredibly talented and hardworking Front-end Web Developer helping grow Konversai every day.


Bhav - Indulge

James is very committed to finding solutions to technical issues encountered while building our MVP. Through all issues we encountered and many challenges faced during launch it was James's daily work ethic and flexibility that helped us launch on time.


Amy - Indulge

I was blown away by James' determination, dedication and overall genuine passion for the product. He's an efficient problem-solver and is able to not only build out aspects of a product quickly but can understand feature prioritization which is a huge asset for a team.


American on Rye, Hold the Mayo

For Saxophone Quartet

A collection of American folk tunes and songs set to The Star Spangled Banner. Numerous other American melodies find a way to sneak into this fun and lively compilation. The audience will have quite a time guessing just how many American melodies are hidden within the main theme.

Sh#t Blues Dancers Say

YouTube Video

Ever since the original 'Sh*t Girls Say' video went viral, we've seen countless imitations. Since I've been a part of the Blues Dance community for over a decade, I thought I would add my own take on this poplar phenomemon. I apologize for the poor quality in advance - it is my first take on film editing.


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